Club Camping Weekend

This year's recent camping trip was hailed a great success by all those that attended. Even the weather was kind to us and there were quite a few red faces by Saturday night. These were not just down to the super hot Roulette crips that Carol discovered as the back of her throat melted. Tony turned the same colour as his shirt, we're not sure if this was due to his sun burn, him also finding a super hot crisp or if he just turned that colour laughing at Carol as her throat caught fire.

Once again we opted for the usual venue just outside Silsden, it is not far for most to travel to and again we had a field all to ourselves. Thanks to all those that came and a big thanks for all those that helped plan, arrange, transport gear and run the weekend. It was great fun and we will be arranging another trip for next year. For those that like some creature comforts it is possbile to bring caravans and electric hook ups are available.

Tony showing his hidden skills as Heidi enjoys some doggy massage
Bentley and Bella relaxing in the early morning sun

Most people arrived throughout Friday and stayed that night, Saturday night and then it was up early and back to the club for training as usual on Sunday. Well, apart from those with huge amounts of kit requiring a few hours to break camp, Sonia! Some chose to just to camp on the Saturday night or not to camp at all and just join us for the activities and fun on the Saturday. Although David nearly missed his breakfast due his slightly late arrival on Saturday. We were about to share it out and really enjoyed his telling off from the farmer's wife!

The onsite cafeteria always puts on a really good cooked breakfast.
Hannah and Heather's marathon obedience game in full swing, Heather thinking hard.

The quizes on Friday and Saturday were best described as a bit challenging. I promise to make them a little easier next year, not too easy though! The games on Saturday were much fun and provided plenty of entertainment with a twist on training at the same time. Who'd have thought you could play noughts and crosses using German Shepherd Dogs? Blind folded guess your own dog by feel proved to be a good game and is a great way help a dog become used to being touched by strangers. I really enjoyed getting my rear felt by Sonia! Heather and Hannah turned one game into a marathon of memory and obedience, each not wanting to be the one to forget the ever growing sequence of moves. The rest of us mere mortals, having dropped out of the game much earlier were left wondering how long they were going to keep going for.


Thor and Heidi saying hello
A surprise engagement cake and spread. Killer crisps are top left!

The trip is open to all current club members and their families. Although we had a good turn out this year there was still plenty of room for more and we would love to see as many of you at the next camping weekend as possible. It is a great chance to meet the other club members socially and have some fun. The dogs love it and come home shattered. For any information just speak to any of the instructors or committee members and they'll help out in any way they can.